New Headquarters at Canalside

Inside Sales Team has moved into the Buffalo News building in downtown Buffalo. The expansion came just in time to accommodate our tremendous growth in 2017.

What is Account-Based Everything?

Account Based Everything is a strategy to orchestrate personalized marketing, sales, and success efforts to land and expand named accounts.

Be the Beacon in an Already Shining Place

They say "With growth comes opportunity". This is our opportunity to meet and find the new talents of Buffalo. We're looking for those who are looking for change. Those who are looking to be impactful, to have a wider reach, to get creative. We're looking for you.

Nothing's more social than an actual conversation

What if you could combine an integrated inside sales team with your marketing automation efforts? We can tell you from experience the results are so much better than marketing alone. Call us today to set up a meeting.

Welcome Home.

We’re glad you’ve cut through the clutter and made your way here. Welcome to Inside Sales Team. We are the innovators of the inside sales world. We are the smartest way to accelerate your sales. We are the hottest way to leverage your marketing. We are the “Demand Win” company.

We are not the typical demand generation company. Because demand generation is dead! We are not a dialer.  And, we are certainly not “just a call center.” We leverage data and technology to lead you to the right contacts. We do the innovative work. You enjoy the WINS.

Steve Hays, CEO, Inside Sales Team

Do you need a reason to contact us?
Liazon received 215 million reasons after contacting us.

Sales Operations

The right people calling the right contacts with highly targeted, relevant, and compelling messages. Our teams leverage advanced technology to increase volume and maintain quality results.


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Marketing Technologies

Disseminating optimized, original, as well as curated content through one hub to garner traffic and establish credibility. Our marketing approaches are driven by generating qualified warm leads first.


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Operational Agility

We work with our clients to ensure that goals are aligned across all functions. We help clients transform their operations and exceed expectations, while achieving goals related to cost and profitability.


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YOY Growth

Is your company itching for some growth? DiscoverOrg was. They partnered with us, and we delivered amazing results.

Transparency Comes First

Inside Sales Team is your team. We are transparent with your results. We show you how we approached your calls, who we thought had better reach, and what their response was.


to the right people with the right message.


interest and get buy-in. Qualify early.


high-quality meetings at the right time.

Packed With What Matters


We provide our clients with insights about their markets and customers. Our metrics are invaluable for your marketing efforts.


Our stats isolate the working channels from the ones that aren’t performing well. Now, you can focus on your best bets!

The Awesome Company We Keep