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About Inside Sales Team

We are a full-service Sales and Marketing firm that will complement your current teams’ work. We fully integrate with our clients to deliver the best results with the most transparent relationship. We are a full-time extension of your teams, and we work together from the inside-out.

We make great first impressions for you. We run your campaigns for you. We deliver results, with quality and quantity in mind, for you.

We know that driving new business in a competitive environment is the toughest part of a sales and marketing professional’s job. But, it is the only part of our job, which is a testament to how much we love it and do it the right way.


  • Stephen Hays
    Stephen HaysCEO and Founder
  • Brian Vital
    Brian VitalVice President of Sales

Our Story


Inside Sales Team was founded in 2010. Since then, we have been privileged to work with over 150 companies and their sales teams. Our clients have come to us from every level of market performance, from Fortune 500 titans to start-ups and individually-owned-and-operated businesses.

Our senior executive team has decades of experience in sales, sales operations, and marketing. We have seen good and bad markets, the rise of new technologies and service sectors, and the expansion of corporate activities from domestically-focused to worldwide in scope.

We pride ourselves on being passionate about our clients, persistent for their products, and professional in our approaches. We’re a fun bunch. We’re a happy bunch. We have bagels on Fridays, and Karaoke is not an idea far from being discussed on a daily basis. We’re the definition of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

We’re skyrocketing. Be part of the growth.

Sneakers included!