inside sales

No “Secret Sauce” Protectionism here.

Total Transparency, information sharing & collaboration.

Why Inside Sales Team


The cost of expanding an internal inside sales team is typically 2X of what your costs will be to work with us. Our costs are aligned with outcomes and revenue production.


You’ll always be in the know with our dedicated team, reporting and analytics. Our pricing model reflects our attitude of  “we’re in this together.” When you win, we win.


We have invested in the latest technologies for you. From CRMs to marketing automation, we are versed in a wide range of technologies to deliver the best results. You can say, “We’re wired!”


Most internal inside sales teams are already at capacity. Instead of expanding their role, it often makes sense to strengthen their current mission & expand externally.

Speed & Flexibility

You do not need to wait a long time to see it happen. We are up and running within 45 days. We’re also capable of adapting quickly to new demands and revised game plans.


Finding the right people to do the right job is not an easy task. But, we’ve perfected it. Inside Sales Team has the right experts ready to help you take your business to a whole new success.

Our Process

How it works

We have developed a process that is precise and tailored for each customer. Our eight-step process captures what’s important for each client and highlights what needs to be made differently. One size doesn’t always fit all.  We are always improving our process to the benefits of our clients and to stay on course.

Step 1: Ideal Prospect Profile Developed + Leads Scoring.

We’ll analyze your current customer base to develop accurate criteria for ideal-fit prospects.

You’ll have confidence in our ability to laser-focus on only the best prospects, making sure every dollar you invest is well spent.

Step 2: Target Lists are Built and Ranked.

Our proprietary process for scoring leads generates the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Our ability to analyze likelihood-to-engage and likelihood-to-buy produces the results of five resources with only three people, saving serious money and driving scalability to a new level.

Step 3: Custom Content Developed.

We produce content that gets read and encourages people to take action.

We’re capable of producing effective and professional content that helps support the sales effort.

Our secret sauce is the combination of campaign content produced by marketing and what we call “conversational content,” tied directly to conversations a sales professional is having with potential customers.

Step 4: Campaigns are Launched, Measured and Fine-Tuned.

Now the fun begins. It’s time to take your ideas or new products out for a spin. It’s our turn to make the real-world impact we promised.

We’ll deliver impactful content and compelling messages via multiple channels and mediums—social, email, landing pages, voicemail, and conversations.

You can be assured that our dynamic interactions with potential customers will drive awareness, market insights, referrals, high-quality sales opportunities, and, ultimately, wins.

We fully execute everything we start, making well-informed changes along the way for maximum impact and value for your dollar. No half measures.

Step 5: Appointments Are Scheduled “Mission Brief.”

You’ll be equipped with a world-class scouting report and mission brief ahead of each sales appointment we send you on.

Our mission brief typically includes:

• company demographics.
• pain points.
• current situation.
• decision-making process.
• account stakeholder maps.
• competitor install base identification.

Step 6: Reports and Dashboards Are Built and Shared.

You’ll have your own sales and marketing command and control center when you work with Inside Sales Team.

We measure just about everything.
 Not just for improving performance, but to make sure we’re gathering the type of market intelligence our customers need to make improvements and enhancements to their product development and marketing programs.

Unlike demand-gen companies, we are gathering and sharing so much information it’s typically an improvement over our customers’ previous internal efforts.

Our customers are always in the know and we’re always willing to further-customize intelligence gathering, reporting, and analytics-deliverables to meet any unique requirements a customer might have.

Step 7: Market Intelligence is Gathered and Shared.

We share data, insights, and “Ah-Ha” moments from our efforts every day.

When our largest customer calls us to find out why they’re losing more in New York City than last month, we have the answers.

The value of our data discipline and high volume of activity are yours to benefit from.

Step 8: Full Integration with Your People, Process and Internal Systems.

Integration is key to our success and a key factor in driving our long-term relationships in an industry known for short-term engagements.

Systems, process, and people are all fully connected and synchronized – not just technically, but with regard to purpose, the play, and performance expectations.

We’re truly in-sync with our customers. But, we also bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and are willing to challenge the status quo when it’s broken. Just like you’d expect from your internal team.

You don’t want to spend time building out new processes… Our process is proven.

Content Marketing Generator

A typical demand generation company will give you content that is generic, irrelevant, and disengaging. We generate content that will energize your prospects and empower your Inside Sales Team!
Research & Discovery
We research your industry to discover your content marketing matrix.
Organize & Plan
We organize your content marketing matrix by vertical, buyer persona, product features and more. Then we plan for new content that generates, qualifies, and nurtures leads for your inside sales team.
Ideation & Creation
We ideate personal, relevant, and engaging content, and then create it.
Schedule & Delivery
We schedule and deliver your content to the right people at the right time, collaborating in real-time with your inside sales team's CRM activity.
Analyze, Report & Optimize
It’s a numbers game. Now you want to see results. After we activate your Content Marketing Machine, your new Inside Sales Team receives real-time alerts on how prospects are interacting with content. The quality of conversations just skyrocketed! On top of that, we monitor your Content Marketing Machine’s activity and performance daily - studying metrics, generating reports (just for you), and finding areas for improvement. This is a well-oiled machine that adds value without breaking down. We’re ready when you are... so, are you ready?


Three things “black box” Demand Gen companies just don’t offer or share.