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Building, training, and growing a sales team can be expensive and time consuming. New businesses and especially growing businesses will need a team to move the sales and business process foreword and generate revenue to continue the growth. Our guest today is someone who has come up with a solution to the problem of creating and growing a sales team.

Episode Highlights:

  • How companies were struggling with building an inside sales model
  • Stephen noticed the need and created the service solution for inside sales help
  • They will often augment an existing sales team and help them scale
  • They also help businesses that have no team or a sales bottleneck
  • Demand generation, lead generation and opportunity generation
  • With new companies they help build the entire go to market and playbook
  • Importance of having systems in place to measure if the strategy is working
  • They only work with products they like and believe in
  • How being in too much of a hurry causes false starts and loss of credibility
  • Having a full program up and running in 45 days is the timeline
  • Sales cycles and learning curves could extend the timeframe
  • It’s important to treat SDRs well and keep them motivated
  • Tools used are multi touch, multi channel including phone and email and social
  • They also have micro and macro events and direct mail
  • Customized landing pages and video and animation are also used
  • They also focus on great data sources that allow them to work at scale
  • Revisiting lost leads
  • Rewarding and empowering all representatives
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