We don’t strive for happy customers.

We insist upon it.

“I chose IST for their ability to combine marketing creativity with operational excellence and full sales execution. They’re truly a turn-key provider of field marketing support and ABM.”

Sharon Nabhan
Global Sales & Marketing Director, Adobe


“Inside Sales Team really became part of our sales team. Their name is really what they are, they are an inside sales team for DiscoverOrg. They are firing on every best practice for running a sales development team. We’ve been able to learn a lot, from working with Inside Sales Team, that we’ve brought back into DiscoverOrg.”

Henry Schuck
Co-Founder and CEO, DiscoverOrg


“We are getting 8-15 meetings a week against enterprise accounts like Proctor & Gamble, Heineken, Coke, and Pepsi. We’re growing very quickly, but we’re a small team, so it’s been a huge help to the business that we can turn to a reliable partnership with IST for our sales development function and know that they can be productive week 1.”

James Lamberti CMO, Quri


“Inside Sales Team is the only firm that really does it right. The level of depth that they go to in order to hire the right people, run the right plays, build out the right technology, provide all of the reporting and metrics you need and keep that running is unsurpassed.”

Al Rosenbaum
Senior VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, SilverCloud


“Inside Sales Team really understood our value proposition and vision. We chose IST because of their people. I really do think at the end of the day all of them get it! They’ve allowed us to push our thinking and accelerate our growth.”

Aseem Badshah
Founder and CEO, Socedo


“I was a little hesitant when we signed on with IST at another company, but I quickly realized that IST brought more experience with sales development than we could have ever built internally. Plus, I’m a stickler on measuring ROI, and IST delivered a return–no problem! When I introduced the concept of IST to my General Manager here, I got the same push back, I said, ‘I promise you, you will see results.'”

Carolyn Hollowell
Director of International Markets and eCommerce Sales, Lightspeed


“I worked with IST in my last job and had a great experience. One of the great things about working with IST, is the ability to scale economically. As a fairly small organization, it would be difficult for me to build something that has the capabilities of IST. We are growing and I can add additional capabilities as we grow.”

Jon Hale
Senior Vice President of Global Sales, G2 Web Services


“It’s the first time we’ve generated significant opportunities and revenue associated with our efforts. So far, this year, we are looking at $3 Million in opportunities that we hadn’t been able to generate in the past. Everyone I work with at IST really cares about our company.”

Ray Mina
Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, TreeRing


“I would want to work with them wherever I go. They’re able show results right away. I’ve worked with a lot of the other vendors and what they do is tactical, what IST does is strategic. A lot of people, like me, that have worked with IST at other companies, have brought them to their new companies and that’s always a good sign!”

Tim Randall
Director- Demand Generation, Field & Partner Marketing at ExtraHop Networks


“Of the 1000s of technology sales teams I’ve talked to, IST literally has the best, most dialed in, process of any of them. IST, for the last couple of years, has generated a quarter of our revenue. It’s hard to envision DiscoverOrg without IST at this point.”

Patrick Purvis
Vice President of Sales, DiscoverOrg